Professional Consultation

Professional consultation is available with Dr. Russow on both a brief and ongoing basis.  These sessions can be conducted either with colleagues and other professionals seeking expertise in certain areas, or with individuals, couples, and families wanting guidance that is less formal or structured than traditional psychotherapy or counseling.  The nature of the consultative services will vary greatly depending upon the situation and client needs.  This type of service lends itself well to distance (telephone) as well as office contact.  In rare cases, online consultation can also be arranged.  Please note that the security of the Internet cannot be guaranteed despite implementation of all reasonable protective measures.  Therefore, this is not a recommended or preferred means of communication.  The frequency and length of discussions often vary, as do the fees for this service.  Please note that insurance does not typically cover distance, remote, or online services of this type, so fees must be paid directly by the person or entity seeking the service.

Sometimes a consultation may be requested that involves less direct clinical contact and more of a case or records review to assist in appropriate decision making.  This serves as an objective, independent source of information that may or may not become part of a case collaboration.  Services that do not exclusively involve formal assessment or ongoing psychotherapy, but are sought due to a desire for professional feedback and expertise would fall into this category.  Teaching, seminars, workshops, writing, or research activities, as well as any questions that a colleague, company, or potential client may have can be addressed through professional consultation services.

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