Privacy Policy


All services provided by Tara Russow, Ph.D. through Russow Consulting are strictly confidential.  No information may be released to any third party without your specific consent, usually in writing.

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Exceptions to this are in cases of child, elder, or dependent adult abuse and in cases where you indicate you might hurt yourself or another, or cause damage to their property.  In these cases of suicidal intent, homicidal intent, or abuse of another, healthcare providers are mandated by law to report the information to appropriate authorities.

Russow Consulting understands the sensitive nature of services to its clients. We will never share any information about you with any other individual or organization without your permission unless it is mandatory.

Tara Russow, Ph.D. and Russow Consulting  are committed to respecting your privacy.  We recognize the need for safeguarding consumer privacy in connection with using our website and speaking with a consultant.  We operate under the following set of strict privacy principles:

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