Office Policy

Office Policy

Please note the following policies for payment and scheduling appointments.  If you have questions, please be sure to ask.  Exceptions to these guidelines may be possible.


Efforts will be made to schedule an appointment time that is mutually agreeable.  Since effective treatment often involves consistent, ongoing sessions, it will be necessary to find a time that we will be able to keep without frequent change.  You will always be given as much notice as possible about sessions that need to be rescheduled and you are asked to do the same.  If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice due to a non-emergency you will be held financially responsible for the session.  Insurance, if applicable, will not cover the cost of such sessions, so responsibility for the full fee will be yours.  In case of emergencies such as illness or accidents exceptions to this policy may be made.


Payment is necessary prior to or at the time of service, depending upon payment method.  Payment may be made by check, cash, or money order.  However, if a check is returned for any reason, any outstanding balance and all future payments must be made either by cash, money order, or bank/cashier's check.  There will be a $35 charge for any check returned by the bank.  Past due accounts may be sent out for collection.  Please note that this would necessitate the release of basic identifying information about you to the collection agency.

Assistance with insurance coverage will be available if necessary.  Depending upon your insurance company, you may be required to make payment in full at the time of service and then submit a statement to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  In certain cases (e.g. Medicare, BCBS, Blue Choice, MVP, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare, etc.), you are required to make a co-payment at the time of service and billing for the balance will be done directly through this office.  In other cases (e.g. Medicaid, Fidelis, etc.) you may not have a copay or coinsurance fee, but this is determined by your insurer.  All insurance coverage and benefit details must be verified prior to the provision of services.  This office cannot accept any responsibility for disputes between you and your insurance company or any delays in payment by the insurance company since the contract is between you and the insurance company and ultimately remains your responsibility.  Release of identifying information is required for submission of insurance claims.  Please remember that not all services are covered by insurance.

Again, if you have any questions please ask.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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