Assessment & Evaluation

The field of clinical psychology by definition focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology.  A wide variety of assessment and evaluation services are available with which to explore one's overall functioning.  These may range from self-report questionnaires to professionally administered standardized testing.  These services are often required for general mental health screenings, intelligence testing, personality analysis, determination of emotional functioning, detection of underlying psychopathology, identification of neuropsychological impairment (brain disorders/injuries), pre-employment screenings, rehabilitation & placement services, educational readiness, and investigation of issues related to medical conditions.  Services can consist of a clinical interview alone or combined with several other objective tests and measures that are administered, scored, and interpreted accordingly.

A client wanting an evaluation may be self-referred or may be referred by outside sources such as physicians, attorneys, schools, colleges, treatment centers, employers, private or government agencies, or family members.  Fees vary depending upon the complexity of the evaluation.  Please note that insurance assignment is not currently accepted for testing or certain evaluative services and fees must be paid directly.  Results may be given verbally or in writing to the referral source with a signed Consent for Release of Information form.  A formal written report is available upon request for an additional fee.  Formal evaluations are conducted in the office by Dr. Russow due to test security regulations, the need for a controlled environment for validity of results, and the involvement of a highly trained licensed clinical psychologist to oversee the evaluation process.

Please note: Depending upon caseload, this service is not always available to the general public and may be restricted to those with government-based referrals.

Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.