As a clinical psychologist and founder of Russow Consulting, Dr. Tara Russow views herself as a coach and counselor who helps guide people through their challenging times.  She sees her work as an empowering process which prompts clients to use their own untapped resources in an effort to create the future they desire.  Her approach is eclectic and individually tailored, drawing upon 44 years of formal training, research, and clinical experience in the mental health field.  Her holistic view of existence blends aspects of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions that assist others with healing and growth.

 Dr. Russow has lived, studied, and worked coast to coast in search of tools that allow her to remain close to her natural values and goals. 

She joins her clients in examining the details, subtleties, textures, and patterns of their lives.  By weaving the past with the present, an integrated sense of self and well-being can be achieved that ultimately leads to attainment of goals.  Her practice is a general one as described in the services section of this website.  She welcomes the opportunity to answer questions or discuss various matters that may influence people's lives.

For your convenience, we provide a list of the many concerns she can address...

Life is a journey not a destination.